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CHARACTER COUNTS! makes character education both meaningful and effective by providing you a flexible framework that can be integrated into your state standards-aligned curriculum teaching The Six Pillars of Character®: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. It also provides a common language for students, faculty, and parents to help instill positive behavioral traits.

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How can I bring CHARACTER COUNTS! to my school?
There are a number of ways to get started. The most effective strategy, however, requires training key staff, either through one of our nationwide CHARACTER COUNTS! Seminars (see the seminar schedule at or via on-site customized training to suit your specific needs more efficiently ( .

What will I learn?
Participants learn mindset change theory techniques along with state-of-the-art, research-based strategies. You’ll learn how to identify teachable moments that will affect the way kids see their place in the world and themselves. We also provide the resources, evaluation, and continuing support to create a sustainable implementation program. In addition, participants learn how to:

  • Foster social, emotional, and intellectual growth while improving academic performance
  • Prevent and limit pervasive bullying behavior
  • Instill a culture of kindness to create a physically and emotionally safe environment

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Are customized on-site solutions available?
Yes. We work with you and your team to identify key issues prior to training and will develop a custom, on-site, one-day professional development seminar. Here’s a sample of a few of the additional in-service topics we can address:

  • Leadership training
  • Anti-bullying intervention
  • Parental involvement
  • Sportsmanship (PVWH)
  • CC! implementation jump start
  • Cheating
  • Curriculum integration
  • CC! and your community


CHARACTER COUNTS! can support your school athletics and even taught sportsmanship skills to Team USA athletes before the Beijing Summer Olympics. These same concepts are the core of our Pursuing Victory With Honor® sportsmanship seminars. Our workshops help coaches, athletic directors, administrators, counselors, officials, and other youth leaders build better character through coaching.




OCTOBER 14-20, 2018

What free resources are available?
Check out our online resource center, where you’ll find free lesson plans, fundraising strategies, community outreach suggestions, and much more. Our new resources center is located at We’re here to help you seamlessly integrate curriculum year-round with lesson plans, ideas, strategies, and a store full of integration products.

Is there additional support for our staff?
CHARACTER COUNTS! is there for you by phone or e-mail all year long. Go to , or call 800-711-2670 for a free phone consultation.




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