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CHARACTER COUNTS!® 5.0 Wheels of Success Domain Each week emphasizes one of the CHARACTER COUNTS! 5.0 Wheels of Success (Academic, Social/Emotional, and Character), along with an alphanumeric code that directs educators to a more detailed explanation of each value, skill, or character trait found in the Josephson Institute’s 5.0 Model Standards.

Topic of the Week

Value-, Skill-, or Character Trait-Related Topic of the Week Here a specific 5.0 Wheel of Success value, skill, or character trait is featured highlighting the beneficial impact this particular quality can have on student success. A corresponding alphanumeric code is again included to direct teachers to more specific information about this area in the 5.0 Model Standards. A command statement, inspirational quotation, and eye-catching photograph also appear to further enhance the weekly topic.

Question of the Week

Question of the week Weekly questions in the discussion idea section of the primary agenda are intended to help teachers and families formulate topics for fundamental discussions about character at the appropriate level as identified by the adult facilitator. They help students relate to The Wheels of Success and offer them suggestions on how they can practice integrating the topic of the week into their own lives.

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