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Evening Planning
and weekend sections encourage students to complete their assignments in an efficient, timely manner.


Trait-Related Contribution
matches each person’s story to a trait corresponding with the monthly pillar to illustrate the topic of the week and further highlight the person’s positive impact on the world and the qualities that define good character.

Section to Record Weekly Goals
keeps students well prepared and organized.


People of Character
A different influential person of character, who demonstrates one of the pillars and traits through his or her life commitments or specific actions, is also profiled each week. Included are an original drawing, brief biography (written for teachers and families to review with the student), inspirational quotation, and informational Web site. This comprehensive character outline stimulates classroom and home discussion regarding character and ethics and helps teachers depict for their students how people have exemplified each pillar and corresponding trait.


The Six Pillars of Character®
Each month emphasizes a different one of the Six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship). Each week features a different corresponding trait. This layout defines strong moral values and provides teachers and families with an organized framework for leading discussions about good character.


This section can be explored by students independently or utilized by teachers as a discussion idea to stimulate classroom conversation about the topic of the week. Consisting of various questions and/or exercises, it accompanies each of our character biographies to help students relate to the Six Pillars of Character and offer them suggestions on how they can practice integrating the topic into their own lives.


Ample Space to Record Daily Assignments


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Several pages of resource materials appropriate for high school/college students (grades 9-12) are provided in the CHARACTER COUNTS! School Agendas. This information serves as a functional reference tool for students.



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