Who is a good sponsor prospect? … Almost anyone, but especially a parent/PTA member who is also a business owner or manager. Good matches for sponsorship include: banks/credit unions, fast food chains, car dealers, karate/dance schools, contractors, ice cream parlors, restaurants, radio stations, malls, real estate firms, and medical professionals.

Companies small and large support the goals addressed through our unique student planner: academic competency, social/emotional growth, character development, and a positive school climate. If given the opportunity, most will commit funds for your school/district to invest in the CHARACTER COUNTS!® School Agendas in exchange for recognition through an advertisement displayed on the agenda’s back cover or insert page. We can also custom design a front cover cooperating your school name/mascot with the sponsor’s identity.

Your agenda consultant can guide you through the process … Before scheduling a meeting with a prospective sponsor, secure a quote from an agenda consultant by phoning 1-800-518-5176. When in front of a management-level decision maker, acknowledge your school’s/district’s commitment to use of the CHARACTER COUNTS! School Agenda and its significance in implementing/supporting CHARACTER COUNTS!® 5.0 – the world’s most comprehensive and effective youth development program. Note its role in cultivating lifelong organizational skills and the fact a parent/guardian must sign the agenda – required for all students – daily. The merchant must know the agenda will be used.

Stress the advertising benefits to the prospective sponsor … Because the agenda is used daily by students, parents, and teachers, the sponsor’s message is delivered to the heart of the community (families with kids) consistently for the school year’s 40+ weeks. Sponsorship also strengthens the advertiser’s community image by supporting a program and publication designed to boost students’ academic success, ethical standards, and self-esteem.

Preferred 100 or 50 Percent Approach … Upon finalizing your agenda order cost, request your prospective sponsor pay all or half in exchange for a back cover ad. Emphasize the unit (single agenda) cost per family for the school year. You may find several sponsors and split the cost accordingly. Many businesses will see this as a unique chance to help your school/district and benefit by showcasing their products/services to a family market for the entire school year.

Safe and Drug Free Funding Available … Our customers often obtain Safe and Drug Free or Title 1 funding for purchase of the CHARACTER COUNTS! School Agendas. Speak with your county/district’s Safe and Drug Free or Title 1 coordinator about this funding when preparing your order. More information can be found on the Department of Education website at