Our 5.0 Wheels of Success discussion ideas (like the one below) have been designed to provide teachers with an easy way to integrate the student-related 5.0 Wheels of Success domains (Academic, Social/Emotional, and Character) into the classroom through the use of alphanumeric codes linking back to the Josephson Institute’s Model Standards. By focusing on the different components of each discussion idea as shown, educators are given a simple method for helping today’s youth become personal successes in their very own schools, homes, and communities.


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  1. CHARACTER COUNTS!® 5.0 Wheels of Success Domain: Each week highlights one of the 5.0 Wheels of Success domains (Academic, Social/Emotional, and Character). A corresponding alphanumeric code for teachers refers back to specific information contained in the Josephson Institute’s 5.0 Model Standards to further enhance the weekly lesson.
  2. Value-, Skill-, or Character Trait-Related Topic of the Week: Here a specific 5.0 Wheel of Success value, skill, or character trait is featured highlighting the beneficial impact this particular quality can have on student success. A corresponding alphanumeric code is again included to direct teachers to more specific information about this area in the 5.0 Model Standards. A command statement, inspirational quotation, and vivid photograph also appear to provide additional emphasis of the weekly topic.
  3. Question/Exercise: Designed to spark school and home conversation about the topic of the week, the question/exercise section helps students relate to the Wheels of Success and provides guidance on how they can integrate them into their own lives. The questions/exercises provide teachers with ready-made mini lesson plans to introduce or emphasize 5.0 in their classrooms.

College and Career Ready
Preparing our kids to be college and career ready means nurturing their minds, as well as their character and emotional well-being. A college and career ready individual is educated, possesses good social skills, is emotionally stable, and is guided by universally accepted character values. The topics addressed in our people of character discussion ideas, whether read independently or as part of a schoolwide effort, will aid in developing these standards required to succeed in life.