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To receive a FREE 2014-2015 CHARACTER COUNTS! School Agenda sample, complete the brief survey below and hit SUBMIT.
(X) Please send me my FREE school agenda sample in the following level: LIMIT ONE SAMPLE PER SURVEY.
Primary  Elementary  Column Elementary  Middle/Jr. High  High/College
If samples of more than one level are needed, call 1-800-593-8312.
Please provide all contact info. below and fill out survey in full:

Mail Sample To: Position:
School/District Name:
School/District Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip:
Phone: Ext:
International Phone: Ext:
E-mail: Fax:
School Name:
School Street Address: Check if same as above
City: State: Zip:
Decision Maker/s: Postion/s:
Phone: Ext: E-mail:
Grades: District:
County Within Your State:
Does your school currently have a character education program in place? Yes No   Is it district-wide? Yes No
If yes, provide program name: School Enrollment:
Does your school/district currently use a planner? Yes No   If yes, provide planner name:
When do you think you will be ready to order agendas for your school?
     Approx. Date: Estimated Quantity:

Please note: Custom Printed Plastic Folders, Page-Finder Rulers, Wall Charts, and People of Character Posters
are the only options that may be added to our Stock Agendas.
No other options are available for the Stock Agendas.

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