Our Difference

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Schools & Communities

The implementation of the CHARACTER COUNTS!® School Agendas helps create a more nurturing school climate. Proper use of the people of character discussion ideas encourages self-expression among students while stressing tolerance and acceptance. Such a learning environment lends itself to fewer incidences of bullying and cultivates a more socially conscious student body. The result … improved teacher morale and kids who become responsible, positive, and productive members of society.

Teachers & Faculty

We’ve saved teachers planning time by including weekly people of character discussion ideas that facilitate daily character-driven classroom banter. These conversations can develop better-behaved students who show more respect for staff and each other. Our agenda’s grade-appropriate planning features keep students of all ages organized and on-task. Signature and parent/teacher comment sections keep parents/guardians involved in their children’s education while enabling open communication between home and classroom.

Parents & Guardians

We all know character education begins at home, but parents/guardians can sometimes find themselves with a lack of resources and at a loss for where to start. Our people of character discussion ideas provide them with a vehicle to initiate dialogue at home with their children about important character values, enabling them to support the school’s character education efforts.

Children & Teens

Daily use of the CHARACTER COUNTS!® School Agendas will assist students in achieving academic success by strengthening their time management and organizational skills. In addition, our people of character discussion ideas will offer guidance to kids on how to positively approach life choices and tackle difficult decisions. This marriage of technical preparedness and character development will aid students in the goals of becoming college and career ready.